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This is a story of a friendship that stands the test of time and becomes something much much more. Laxus balled up his fist.

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His speed was enough for him to easily defeat the entirety of the Raven Tail guild's top members, including his father Ivan Dreyar, with Laxus rapidly reacting to his opponents' blows and then counter-attacking with his Magic and with melee moves. In the latter state, lightning even starts to appear from his eyes and mouth. The bright light from his lightning can be also used to momentarily blind enemies.
Laxus dreyar fairytail pixxx

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The effects of the blast depends on the user's own ability; Laxus, with his great mastery of Lightning spells, has proven himself capable of conjuring bolts of electricity that has either frail, hot enough to heat a metal arm or devastating power to inflict damage.

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